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About Sally Park

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Hello and Welcome to Exquisite Skin By Sally Park.

I live by the mantra BE YOURSELF – be an expression of what you are truly passionate
about…. mine is giving others glowing, healthy, radiant looking skin.

I am a Clinical Aesthetician, Facilitator and Trainer in Dermal Aesthetics, for the Australasian College of Health and Wellness, as well as the founder of the Skin and More podcast – an authentic space where everything and anything skin based is shared.

My passion for the industry began over 40 years ago as her parents owned two successful beauty salons in the UK, and I’d spend hours not only being pampered but working there from the age of 13.

I love studying – so much so I’m re-nouned for being a never-ending student, with my long shopping list of diplomas, and my three degrees; I continually studies to be top of my game!

Im always searching for the latest and greatest technology, range, or product. Not only have I spent years at various clinics gaining experience in Laser and IPL technology,
HIFU, Cryotherapy, Skin Needling and Peels, I am also an expert in Hair Restoration and worked with medical device companies, consulting and educating doctors on hair loss.

I was astonished, when I met a lady who was 75 and looked about 58! 'How can that be?' I asked her. She told me she’d had one non ablative laser treatment and that did the trick.


From that moment I was hooked, I retrained in Clinical Aesthetics and made it my task to become an expert in as many modalities as possible.

I’ve recently moved to the beautiful Central Coast, from Sydney and now reside in Booker Bay, next to Ettalong, where I carry out my home-based business. Here I use my expertise to carry out hydra facials, peels, micro-needling, and dermal blading – to enhance my client’s skin and give them that radiant glow.

If you too are longing for beautiful skin, let me do my magic on you, book an appointment for a free consultation, and allow me to bring skin intelligence and skin excellence to you.


Beautician makes mesotherapy injections. Microneedle mesotherapy. Treatment of a woman by

No downtime. All skin types. Enduring results in 6 weeks.

Cosmetology beauty procedure. Young woman skin care. Beautiful female person. Rejuvenation

Little or no downtime. All skin types. Results in 1 week.

No downtime. All skin types. Immediate Results.

Some Downtime. Paler Skin Types. Incredible Results.

young woman in a beauty center performing a beauty treatment for the skin of the face with

No downtime. All skin types. Immediate Results.

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