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3 Flowers Base navy orange.
Plasma Fibroblasting 
Aged skin 
mature skin 
anti wrinkle 
anti sun damage 
evens skin 
full face 
lip flip 
nose reduction 
crows feet 
neck lines 
smooth as a babys bottom 
smooth skin 
supple skin 
beautiful skin 
get rid of wrinkles and skin tags.
Plasma fibroblasting 
fine lines and wrinkles 
remove jowls 
remove crows feet 
get rid of wrinkles on the neck add to this 

Skin Needling 
Collagen Induction Therapy and Dermal Blading 
Dermal Planing
Peach Fuzz
Even skin tone 
Glowing skin 
Supple and soft skin 
Moisturised skin 
hydrated skin 
Add and LED
PLasma fibroblasting 
Anti-ageing treatments 
Remove jowls 
Lip flip 
reduce nose
Plasma fibroblast your eyes 
Get rid of crows feet. 
Remove jowls and laxity.
Neck lines 
smooth skin 
face lift 
carbon crusts 
fourth state of matter.

Benefits of Plasma Pens

Plasma pen treatments literally transform your face by stimulating your skin to produce new collagen and elastin. They create micro-dots on your skin, which encourages new growth and repair to the entire region. 

Plasma pens can remove wrinkles over time, smooth out discolouration and remove skin tags and cherry angiomas. They also tighten the treated area, and so they not only improve crepey skin, they also lift it.

If you have a scar, this treatment is for you. Plasma pens can reduce the appearance of scars, and potentially remove them across time. Book in for a complementary scar assessment to learn more. Stretch marks can also be treated effectively.

This transformative treatment has a down time of 1-2 weeks as it heals, and is only beneficial for lighter coloured skin types. 


Included in One Treatment

Lose ten years in 3-6 sessions...

After cleansing and preparing the skin, Sally works tirelessly to create an intricate pattern of dots that will stimulate new growth.

Kindly note...

* Only the upper or lower lid can be treated for eyes

* There is a down time of 1-2 weeks after treatment

* Only lighter skin types can receive plasma lifting.

* Any part of the body can receive Plasma Lifting, so book in for a complementary assessment to discuss your individual needs.

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Micro-needling prices

Micro-needling Face & Neck

Eye Plasma Pen Lift
45 mins

Treat your Eyes to a Plasma Pen Lift, on

* Upper or Lower Lids

* Temples/ Side Eye

* Crows Feet


- Hyaluronic Hydrating Mask
- 10 min LED



Upper Face Plasma Lift
1 hour

Rejuvinate Your Upper Face. Areas Include

* Forehead

* Frown Lines

* Temples

* Upper or Lower Eyelid

* Crows Feet


- Hyaluronic Hydrating Mask
- 10 min LED


Lower Face Plasma Pen
1 hour

Revive Your Lower Face. 

* Cheeks & Marionette Lines

* Nose

* Lip Area

* Chin


- Hyaluronic Hydrating Mask
- 10 min LED


02_Flower Sun.
skin needling 
collagen induction therapy
micro channels 
growth factors
youthful skin 
reverse ageing


Beautician makes mesotherapy injections. Microneedle mesotherapy. Treatment of a woman by

No downtime. All skin types. Enduring results in 6 weeks.

Cosmetology beauty procedure. Young woman skin care. Beautiful female person. Rejuvenation

Little or no downtime. All skin types. Results in 1 week.

Chemical Peels, Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle, Sun spots, Sun damage, Melasma, Rosacea, improves skin texture, improves skin tone, lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighter skin, acne, damaged skin, re-modelling, cellular turnover, texture, growth factors, full body, face, scar tissue, keratosis pillaris, TCA 10%, TCA 25%, Glycolic peel, Mandellic Peel, Jessner Peel, Vitamin A peel, serums, hot chilly, frosting, greying, coagulation.

No downtime. All skin types. Immediate Results.

Plamere, Plaxpot, plasmafribroblast, fourth state of matter, carbon crusts, wounds, sun damage, skin tags, wrinkles, rhytides, lines, fine lines, laxity, nasal labial folds, marionette lines,  fibroblast, plasmalifting procedure womens neck wrinkles lifting.

Some Downtime. Paler Skin Types. Incredible Results.

young woman in a beauty center performing a beauty treatment for the skin of the face with

No downtime. All skin types. Immediate Results.

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