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Reverse Aging & Make Your

Skin Glow

Exquisite Skin

by Sally Park


Chemical laboratory glassware, empty 100

Chemical Peels

Reveal your youthful
under skin

sun protection, skin creams, active ingredients.


Reverse the effects of aging for a new you

Glycerin gel texture. Blue serum toner d


Deep exfoliation and glowing, plump skin

Plasma Pen Lift

Reverse Aging & Perfect Your Skin


Baby smooth skin,
no 'peach fuzz' facial hair

Mix and match treatments and
take years off your look

Meet Lily


Meet Sally Park

I live by the mantra BE YOURSELF – be an expression of what you are truly passionate
about…. mine is giving others glowing, healthy, radiant looking skin.

I am a Clinical Aesthetician, Facilitator and Trainer in Dermal Aesthetics, for the Australasian
College of Health and Wellness, as well as the founder of the Skin and More podcast – an
authentic space where everything and anything skin based is shared.


"I've been going to Sally for my skincare for the past 5 years and the difference in my skin is amazing! People always comment on how beautiful it is and I never had that previously. Sally always goes to great length to make sure each treatment is exactly what I need at the time. I trust her because I know that she ensures my skin is always the best it can be!


“I highly recommend Exquisite Skin to anyone looking for high-quality, effective beauty treatments. Sally is a true expert and her treatments have helped me look and feel my best.”

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